Seafood Chronicle

For an early celebration of the Lunar New Year, my half and I went for some Chinese food for dinner. We wanted to have yong tao foo (stuffed beancurd) with soup at first. By chance, we stumbled upon an old seafood restaurant instead. The place had a humbling and nostalgic ambience, much to my delight. Just a few steps from where we were seated stood many aquaria-like tanks with swimming fish, lobsters, king crabs and other sea goodness. I dared not stare into the eyes of those fish for too long as I might meet either one of them on my plate. Alas, we settled for a giant tilapia cooked in Peranakan-style kapitan sauce and some fried kangkung belacan (water spinach with shrimp paste). Honestly, it was the best kapitan sauce I’ve ever had. We washed everything down with freshly-brewed Chinese tea. After the meal, we headed out for a drive around town to find more films to watch. The Chinese lanterns were lit up everywhere, illuminating the roads we were on. The night felt magical; I could see hope for prosperity in this little place we call home.

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