When Life Gives You Lemons

Earlier this morning, my half and I drove around the entire neighborhood in search of soda.  It was past midnight and the rest of the world seemed fast asleep. After driving through different sections, we finally came upon 7 Eleven and got ourselves what we wanted. Satisfied, we drank our ice-cold soda with sliced lemons. There's a story behind our sudden craving, though. A few hours before the search, we were amusing ourselves with some of the most controversial TV commercials found online. Our favorite was Sprite. The advert involved a man, a woman and unmentionable body fluids in the bedroom. We thought nobody of sound mind would be swayed to buy the drink! But after watching a few more naughty commercials and laughing so hard at each, we ended up bone-tired and thirsty. The first thing that landed in our minds was…you guessed it. The commercial worked like magic.
PS Our little late-night adventure reads a bit like Haruki Murakami’s short story.

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