My half and I always listen to late-night radio anytime we’re driving together past daylight. Our favorite show is Groovedown, which plays a lot of soul and serves as an agony aunt to urban ladies. I love it because I never feel alone, listening to all the stumbling blocks that others face. My half, on the other hand, favors it simply because he wants to know what women want. Secretly, we both adore Priscilla Seelan’s comforting voice. So a few nights ago, I called in the show to offer my two cents on setting up a nest outside of our parents’. A girl in her late twenties was contemplating on moving out from her mother’s. I shared how I did so myself a few years back and it’s been liberating thus far. There’s nothing wrong wanting to stand on your own two feet. I’m thankful for my mother— she’s been nothing but supportive of the decisions that I make for my own betterment. I hope it all goes just as well for the girl and her parent too.

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