In Company of Cats

Meet Zoë and Mousch. She’s my cat and he’s my ma's. When Zoë was a baby, I took her to my ma's often. Mousch would be the most curious cat alive whenever she was around. First they bit each other, with a few scratches here and there but as months rolled by, the viciousness changed into friendlier nips. They played hide and seek and tag and other feline games. Soon, Zoë and Mousch became inseparable. She cried whenever I pack her into a carrier to go back to our place. My ma told me that Mousch would look for her whenever she was gone. One day, I took her back to Mousch and as they were playing, I noticed how happy she looked. I told myself, why not? If you love her that much, you let her go. And ever since then, Zoë has been with my ma and Mousch, much to her delight.

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